Safety & Self-defense Training

Our self-defense training holds in communities and schools for teenage girls from age 9-17 and young women from age 18 and above. Over 6,000 of our target group have benefitted from ProtectHer safety & self-defense training, counseling, mentorship and referral for support across 3 states in Nigeria. We combine both practical and verbal training using demonstrations and a safety workbook to impact safety skills. In the course of our work, we have come across young girls who have been abused multiple times, uninformed pregnant minors from poor backgrounds. Many of them lack access to safety nets, support, and justice. We want to ensure that these issues are reduced to the barest minimum. Also, there have been several testimonies from our beneficiaries on how they utilized the skills to defend themselves from vulnerable situations where they would have been raped or sexually abused by strangers and persons known to them. With focus on SDGs 5, 8 & 17, we work with various stakeholders and organizations that share similar values and objectives towards achieving the SDGs in 2030. We have impacted over 10,000 individuals through partnership to educate, engage and empower our focus group and we are open to more partnerships and collaboration.