Human Capital Development

Reskill Hub: (Livelihood Pathways, Skills Development- Capacity Building)

Isafe’s Reskill Hub seeks to bridge the skills gap that limits young people (women and girls), including persons living with disabilities, from accessing economic opportunities for sustainable livelihood. We train, reskill, upskill and connect young people with employability or entrepreneurship skills, offering access to business advisory, financial inclusion, and job placement opportunities, linking them with employment. The Reskill hub offers an environment in which beneficiaries can ideate innovative ideas, acquire new competencies, and develop skills, behavior, and better attitudes to work. Our belief is that when people are economically engaged, their vulnerability levels are minimal, and they are able to contribute towards bettering their communities.

ISafe Reskill Hub offers trainings such as:

  • Vocational and Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Soft Skills
  • Digital Skills
  • Employability skills and Job Placement
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Coaching/Mentoring/mental health counseling
  • Referral services of local livelihood opportunities.