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To inspire safer communities by engaging, educating, and empowering vulnerable people with opportunities and access.


To support at-risk and vulnerable girls, women, and youths with the tools, skills, training, and economic advantage to thrive, while advocating for fairer and safe migration pathways, eliminating risks of human trafficking, sexual and domestic abuse, and strengthening strategies to tackle the deep social inequalities of class, caste, ethnicity, and gender that limits people from accessing better opportunities.


How do I enroll for ProtectHer self-defense training?

You can enroll by completing the online registration form in the link. Click on the TRAINING REGISTRATION on the Menu to register

When and where can I attend ProtectHer self-defense training?

Interested participants are to select training dates from the options provided during registration. They will be contacted there after.

Who can get trained in self-defense?

We offer self-defense training to young women and girls from age 9 to 45.

Can I access iSafe programs in other states in Nigeria?

iSafe programs can currently be accessed in the following states; Lagos, Edo, Kaduna and Abuja (federal capital territory). However, programs can be extended to other states.

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Get Involved

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